Endless possibilities for developers

With a supportive community and powerful developer tools, the possibilities for building apps are endless. Take messaging to the next level.

Grow your ideas on Root

Got an idea? Build apps and games for Root communities while being rewarded for it’s adoption and success.

Easy to build

Build your frontend

Bring your ideas to life with a fun and easy frontend building experience. Spend more time creating a stunning interface!

Build your backend

Easily build and write the business logic that drives the overall app experience. Streamline your workflow and focus on your apps functionality.

Integrate with Root

Seamlessly integrate your code. Effortlessly plug in your front and backend into existing clients and servers with Root. You save time with easy integration.

Let us do the talking

As a developer, you can spend more time crafting the core functionality of your app. We handle the intricate details of  communication between your app and its users, data persistence to ensure reliability and security, and scalability to support a growing user base.

1-click publish

Developers can easily and quickly publish their apps with just one click. Say goodbye to old tedious and time-consuming processes you’ve become used to!

Benefits of building on Root

Powerful fully integrated apps
Real-time communication without complex code
No hosting or worrying about scale

Make money on Root

Zero upfront costs
Maximize your earnings! More users equals more $$
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Does Root offer any security features?
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